Thursday, January 24, 2013

[Map] Skyd's Top-20 Open College

Skyd magazine recently published their preseason Top-20 of Men's College Ultimate teams with an excellent data table. The top 5 teams are: Pitt En Sabah Nur (1st); Carleton CUT (2nd); Oregon Ego (3rd); Wisconsin Hodags (4th); Central Florida Dogs of War (5th).
  • Out of the 10 USAU regions, only Metro East is not represented. 
  • North Central region leads with 4 teams with the remaining regions each represented by 2 teams. 
  • Two of the 4 North Central region teams are ranked in the Top-5.

Here's a map of Skyd's Top-20 open college teams:

View Skyd's Top-20 Open College in a full screen map

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