Monday, January 07, 2013

MLU's Spirit of Sportsmanship

Major League Ultimate's released a draft of the rulebook for their 2013 season."Spirit of Sportsmanship" is MLU's version of AUDL's "Integrity Rule" which emulate USA Ultimate's "Spirit of the Game".

From the MLU 2013 Rulebook (v0.8):
XII. Officiating and Enforcement
b. Duties of the Officials
ii. Spirit of Sportsmanship
1. Overview
a. Any player on the field of play or head coach has the ability to overturn a call specified in the section below made by the official.
b. Officials will respect the call made and overturn the original call immediately, as the intention is to display sportsmanship and remedy an incorrect call against the opponent if the team chooses to do so.
c. This rule applies only to calls made by an official and not to non-call situations.
2. Duty of Officials
a. The officials understand that the Spirit of Sportsmanship is the most important aspect of this rule. The intention here is not to devalue the call of the official, rather to increase the value that the MLU holds on getting the call correct and holding their players to the highest level of integrity in the world of sports.
b. The integrity rule is signaled by a player holding their left arm straight in the air and patting their heart with their right hand. The player must also verbally attract the attention of an official.
c. The integrity rule is signaled by the head coach by patting their heart with their right hand. The coach must also verbally attract the attention of the nearest official.
d. An official must acknowledge a properly made call by a player or coach and may not overrule this call. An official acknowledges the call by blowing the whistle three times and raising his left arm straight above his head and patting his heart with his right hand.
e. When the rule is enacted, the play and the clock are stopped and must be resumed by the official.

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