Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prepare h2o Receive

bronxcheer Know anyone who has a gaping gap in their front door? Well, before you tell them it's not very safe, nor environmental, pull this prank on them....tomorrow.

Each spring, April Fool’s Day arrives & I am woefully unprepared.... Here are ten tricks found to be fairly harmless, pretty funny… &, yes, just a little lame.

2 - “Frozen WaterFrisbee. Fill a frisbee with water & freeze it. Take the frozen frisbee to the door of your victim. Carefully slide out the frozen disc of water and slip it under their closed door (?). The ice will melt, and your victim will spend hours(?) trying to figure our how that puddle of “water” got there.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Our weekend game was sent to "swim with the fishes." With the extra daylight, we shoal meetup on Wednesdays @ Polo Fields.

Amazon River Cam [not MAC-friendly](courtesy of the National Zoo)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Week 3: DNP

::Game canceled due to inclement weather::
::Game canceled due to inclement weather::
::Game canceled due to inclement weather::

(DNP = did not play)

Friday, March 27, 2009

What's the Dalai, Yo?

Organizers shelved a peace conference meant to show how sports can bring people and nations together because South Africa's government - fearing trouble with China - won't allow the Dalai Lama to attend.

Friday's conference was intended to highlight ways soccer can promote peace, and all Nobel peace laureates had been invited, along with world statesmen and celebrities. Irvin Khoza, who is chairman of the South African committee organizing the 2010 World Cup, also heads the professional soccer league that was arranging and funding the conference.
[The] Ultimate [authority] must always rest with the
individual's own reason and critical analysis.
-- Dalia Lama

Yo' Holiness, total open invite to pickup with Sludge where we play a harmonious sport (not soccer) promoting forgiveness, tolerance, contentment & self-discipline. Feel free to check our references.

Name Game

vVell, I BE darned -- is this the *most* beautiful outpouring of affection toward a piece of plastic /or/ the child who bears its name?

You Named Your Baby WHAT?! [03.25.09]:

...and then there’s the preggers Jill Scott, who recently visited Steve Harvey’s radio show and told the comedian that she was considering naming her son — get this —Frisbee!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


patagucciCould you buy a $75 Tshirt?
Should you pay $75 for a Tshirt?
Would you spend $75 on a Tshirt?

Patagucci's Wool 1 T-Shirt

Descrip: Stay dry & cool in this ultra soft, merino wool/polyester blend baselayer that combines wool's natural odor control & insulative-when-wet properties with polyester's excellent wicking performance & speedy dry time.

Color: kinda brownish Wildwood (Men's)

Price: $75 (equiv to TWO SL-ankets)

Rod v Rob

blogoBeing from the (one of the) Lands of Lincoln & knowing the guy who recently moved to Cali, I drew up the following comparison:

A jerk
Dissed the state of Illinois
Left covered in scandal
Sez the darndest things
Has great hair
Loves dodgeball & tap dancing
Vows to return to politics

Eats Jerky
e-slapped Sludge nation
Left robed in a brown hoodie
Has the darndest throws
Was great when here
Enjoys poker & MAC classes
Vows to return to the home of politics

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ReBo Memo

TO: Sludge

FROM: Sludge Management

Retention Bonuses will be dispersed to all those cleated & "ready"-to-"play" @ the posted starting time of our scheduled gamage.

Thanks Yous.

Me, Play. You, Playground.

mpgMake Exercise Family Time [02.25.09]

Want to get a workout in & also some family time? Well, you can do both if you get a little creative. Also, your kids will more than likely enjoy it more if you are sweating along with them. It can be as easy...

1. Avoid the word "exercise" and instead look for ways to be physically active.

3. Give kids time to rest. They don't know how to pace themselves as well as adults.

5. Look for group activities. Socializing with friends helps engage kids.

8. Keep a ball or Frisbee in the trunk of the car. Pull them out at the park for active fun.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Parti Week?

partiYour wallet might be tightening up just like your IT band & hamstrings, but OBX is a tradition needing you (+ your ca$h).

Our resident vacation spot realtor seeks your input:
> Is you in?
(Mon 10/12 = Columbus Day)

> Shall we risk it /or/ reserve now?

...the possibility of doing a partial-week rental for a house this year...they won’t even consider partial week rentals until 2-3 weeks before the rental date (i.e. end of September).

As you can imagine, we wouldn’t get a truly prorated price (i.e. you divide the base price by 5, not 7, and multiply by the number of nights you want to stay), but we could save around $1100-$1200 if we did this for a house that would otherwise cost $5k base. While there would be a substantial risk that all the 12 room houses in Corolla would be gone, she seemed to think there would definitely still be 10 room houses left in Nags Head or Kill Devil Hills. There are currently 23 houses that fit our parameters (i.e. oceanfront, pool, hot tub, 10 rooms or more).
Remember: actual price is a good 15% higher because of taxes, pool heating, etc.

Issue with kill devil/nagshead as well as some other non-corolla houses: we’ve not always had good beaches. (We seem to have had consistently good luck with Corolla beaches.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 2: Not Too Crumby

A ceremonious parade lavished Sludge’s first game of the spring season. Sludge Generation II publicly honored hazed Charlie who gave them an earful (just not as much as you may have remembear'd).

Ceremonies continued to begin the game – the dreaded Down 0-2 Ritual. At which point, sideliners hoped for more points than pre-game SL-Haikus (3). On-field Sludge break'd the notsofast start to even the game at two-slot.tst

Turning up the browning method to a respectable MEDIUM, Sludge took a shirt-changing lead @ 5-3. The unstaled toasty brown relied heavily on person D against the untoasted.

Up 8-6, Sludge continued browning well on the flip side. The sideline trap offense worked the disc up until midfield where a timely breakforce cut &/or swing kept the flow. Like in a toaster oven, keeping the disc in middle of the rack [field] is optimal & some burning on the sides can occur if positioned off-center.

okSludge demonstrated Wonder-ful patience and an offense resembling slathered peanut butter on an out-of-the toaster piece of bread. O-Dee-licious! Up 11-8 lead.

A last turn of the dial at 14-11 supplied a game-winning play from Brian-to-Chris-to-MicHael.
Win (15-11).

:Games Notes:
+ Charlie had ZERO throwaways + NO turnovers
+ 'MISSion acComplisHed' became a rallying cheer

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where in the World?

worldlyContinuing "Where in the World" paying homage to the worldly mobility of Sludge.

Today's Features: Meg & Gayle + David.

Q: Where in the World is Meg?

A: Meg is in Chicago.

Q: Where in the World are Gayle + David?

A: Gayle + David are in Turks + Caicos.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Let the March Madness Rustiness, then Achiness begin for Sludge!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Take a Haik,U

Is there any better way to get psyched up for the first game of the season than a 5S-inspired, true-to-form Haiku?

fristreeThree Haikus in Honor of Our First Game
by C.Lo

Smiling Sludge in Brown
Limbs glad to follow the pull
Chris H. is so fast

Sludge is kind to kids
And so they teach kids kindness
And so I love sludge

Montgomery Hills
Some say it is just too far
Have you tried the slide?

Spring Roll

twen2 Happy Spring! T'is the time when your body (hopefully) returns from the nation of hiber.

Defy your age,
Don't deny it.

-- Martina Navratilova (50+)

SLOG Safer than Books

ledFrisbees are lead-free, but borne from plastic. The SLOG is most definitely unleaded, except for this LedZep.

Old Books - A New Source of Lead Poisoning? [PDishy 02.20.09]

Books published prior to 1985 were often printed with lead-based inks and paints. Under the recently passed Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, lead limits in anything intended for kids aged 12 and under is strictly regulated. Lead exposure in children has been linked to lower IQ and criminal behavior.

The U.S. government fears that those old books won't make you smart -- they may cause brain damage! ...

There are plenty of things to worry about when you're raising kids -- worrying that a book might make them sick is a waste of energy. If you must, tell your child not to put "The Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens" in her mouth -- or take it away altogether until she's old enough to read it, not eat it. But don't give up on a whole generation of books. That's just silly.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


For anyone who loves a good reusability art project + recreational usability + DIY! Anyone? Hello?

Baskets made from tires, metal, bowls, PVC tubing, wood, dowels, chains, plastic plant holder, rope, bike tire rims.
Just...about any material to make Disc Golf...Baskets.

Prefer to contribute to the economy?
Buy one instead: This one /or/ that one.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Somali Pilates

Good people, greetings from 5S...

Victory. Your Season is Near!

Hence. 5S' Work is Done. Here.
Do Well.
Have Fun.

5S........................be back sssssoon...off to the newest craze of somali pirates! pilates. whatever.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good Liquor

10dwnNow that the sched is posted, may the Liquor Luck of the Irish be with y-O'-u as you search high & low/across & TENdown for your brown shirt.
Happy O'MG, the Season is Upon Us!!


Spring 2009 Sched

Spring 2009
Week# - Date @ Location & Time [updated 05/28/09]
-->Find fields

Week 1: BYE

Week 2: March 21: 10am @ Montgomery Hills Field #2

Week 3: March 28: 10am @ Sligo Lower Field #1

Week 4: April 4: BYE

Week 5: April 11: 10am @ Anacostia Field #3

Week 6: April 18: 2pm @ Anacostia Field #4

Week 7: April 25: 10am @ Montgomery Hills Field #1

Week 8*: May 2: 10am + 12pm @ Polo Fields #1b
* = 2 games

Week 9*: May 9: 10am + 12pm @ Lk Fairfax Field #2
* = 2 games

Week 10: May 16: 12pm @ Montgomery Hills Field #1

Week 1: May 30 @ Montgomery Hills
Week 2: June 6 7 @ TBD

Reilly Racey

raceyBrian & Jen co-opted the Irish theme by injecting some sobering fun in the St Patrick's Day 8K downtown on Sunday. The 21st edition of this classic event featured a flat course, fast competition, bagpipers on the course, runners in costume & a good time for all!

Jen twittered:
we ran the whole way, and did 5 miles in 50 minutes. (Brian could've easily chopped off at least 5 minutes -- maybe 10 -- from his time, but he stuck w/ me.) Around mile 2, my bum right knee started hurting a lot and it got stiffer and stiffer and progressively more painful for the next 3 miles. ... Anywhichways, it [the knee, not Brian] slowed me down quite a bit, but i was determined not to walk. Instead, i figured out that a odd-looking leap jump-run off that knee felt better than plain running, so for much of miles 3 & 4, i looked like a total freak from a bad SNL ballet skit. But, that fit right in with the folks running in doc martens and kilts, i suppose.

Monday, March 16, 2009


bummerThis towel ain't terrible; it might have a semi-redeeming ASSistfulness.

BUT, really Beavis, the BUM half need not be brown.

Descrip: 100% cotton
45" x 25"

Price: $14.89

Friday, March 13, 2009

Drumroll Pls

Good people, greetings from 5S...

5S is happy to announce the winner from the SLhaiku contest entries. The winner is...

On your frisbees.
And inside you.

fidel, pls contact me to receive your 2 tix for Saturday's show of the Harlem Globetrotters @ Verizon Ctr!

..5S........................more sssssoon...

Where in the World?

Continuing "Where in the World" paying homage to the worldly mobility of Sludge.

Today's Feature: Andrew.

Q: Where in the World was Andrew?

A: Andrew was in Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam.


place seen during transit (Singapore)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

AHa Moment

Move over, Sophie!
Rob (pictured above) - the feller who left'd for Cali, whom we 'palooza'd, who we let win! ya know him, you may have missed him - officially returns [moves back] in April 2010 2009. I repeat: Rob moves back to DC in a few weeks.

ajhIn a weird twist of fortune appropriately on Alfred Hitchcock Day, Sludge just made a team decision to pickup & move to California in May 2009. I s'pose if Rob hadn't made that fateful decision to unsubscribe from the team's email distro list, he would have known. Enjoy DC, Rob!


babsGive that doll a brown hoodie!! Like the frisBEE, Babs is a fellow N.T.H.o.F. inductee; and she just reached a milestone birthday:

Barbie(R) Millicent Roberts was first introduced to the world in 1959 at the New York Toy Fair. She was named after her creator Ruth Handler's daughter Barbara.

Even so, Barbie(R) remains an enduring icon, who, at 50, has kept her youthful physique - even if plastic has had a part to play.

Rolling News

bnewsAs reported last week, Mister CrankypaHnts severely sprained his ankle* playing basketball. Ankle & Foot Specialists advised no running & jumping sports for 6-8 weeks which means missing most of this season.

Per Russ: counsel is being consulted on whether this off-hours hoops game may have been a violation of CH's contract with Sludge.

*According to the Ultimate Injuries Study, ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in Ultimate. According to the Ultimate Smiles Study, happiness is one of the most common side effects of Ultimate.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Addicted to Plastic

Like it /or/ not, our recreation relies on thermoplastic material called polyethylene-the largest volume polymer consumed in the world.

Addicted to Plastic - A feature-length documentary (Canada, 2008, 85 mins) about solutions to plastic pollution.

Details: This ‘point of view’ style film encompasses 3 years of filming in 12 countries on 5 continents, including 2 trips to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where plastic debris accumulates. The film details plastic's path over the last hundred years and provides a wealth of expert interviews on practical and cutting- edge solutions to recycling, toxicity and biodegradability. These solutions, which include plastic made from plants, will provide viewers with a hopeful and informative perspective about plastic in our future. Directed & produced by Ian Connacher.

Show Times [DC Enviro Film Fest]: Tonite @ 6:30pm

Spin Cycle

Mom always said: Don't...hmmm, nah, she never said anything about this...

Cool, huh? I might know a long, flat table that could be used...near the beach....in OctoBerX.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Local Dump

C.Lo found dumpy news & throws out: We're not going to get blamed for this are we??

...Sludge Dumps Into Potomac (AP 03.10.09)

About 4,000 gallons of potentially toxic fly ash sludge spilled into the Potomac River after a pipeline ruptured at a coal-burning power plant, Maryland environmental officials said Tuesday.

The spill was small compared with December's billion-gallon spill of fly ash sludge in Kingston, TN. Still, Maryland state regulators were concerned about a potential environmental threat from the sludge, which could contain high concentrations of selenium, sulfate, arsenic, iron or manganese.

If MattHew had his way, 4K would not be enough dump-&-swings for Sludge.

Reminder: Post Ur SLhaiku

Just a reminder: SL-haikus are due tomorrow.

It's a contest, so you could win. And if you win, then you will be awarded with 2 tix to a Saturday event.

Monday, March 09, 2009

On the Big Screen

capt.sldgMe don't think they are basing their villain on our beloved El Sludge Cap.

Super Capers - In Movie Theaters March 20...

Details: In this sci-fi action adventure/comedy, superhero impersonator Ed Gruberman is forced to join the Super Capers, a misfit team of superheroes-in-waiting. He quickly proves himself in a fight against villains Cretan and Captain Sludge (pictured), but not before they escape with a fortune of gold bullion and Ed is blamed for the villains' escape and the missing gold.

Ed & the team are arrested, and he soon learns that a vigilante TV star, a judge, a supposedly innocent mugging victim and his parents' bizarre deaths are all connected. The Super Capers must fend off the TV star's henchman when Ed saves the day by taking the Capers' Winnebago time machine and traveling back in time for the final showdown in his past.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Where in the World?

worldlyContinuing "Where in the World" paying homage to the worldly mobility of Sludge.

Today's Features: MicHael

Q: Where in the World is MicHael?

A: MicHael is in Chicago.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Spring Fwd

spwdA few things to keep in mind about Daylight Saving Time:

1 - "Saving" - singular, not plural

2 - You're saving utility energy, tho losing bodily alertness due to a lack of that glorious 2am-3am Sunday nite sleepytime range.

3 - Attempt this leap forward activity on a clock first, then apply it your legs in preparation for the spring season.

Contest: Build a SLhaiku

Good people, greetings from 5S...

5S has obtained the giveaway rights of 2 tickets to an entertaining show (Saturday 3/14 @ 1pm EDT) where you're sure to have a "ball."

Contest Rules:
+Add a comment to this post with your Save-Our-Seasons SLhaiku*. *No rules on the SLhaiku format. See past 5S postings.
+Include your name.
+More than one entry is acceptable & encouraged.
+One winning entry will be chosen by 3/11.

..5S........................more sssssoon...


Good people, greetings from 5S...

Clap Your Hands
And Say: More Seasons!
Can not hear you.
Cross your fingers

And Mouth: More Seasons!
Thank. You.

..5S........................more sssssoon...

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wall Street

Bravo to you, fashionista, for publicly admitting your love in a published fashion news clip. For the record, I have 3 on my wall & 28 in the closet.

"The frisbee might be an inexpensive piece of plastic, but it's so great graphically that it's also a piece of art for my wall. ...I love the frisbee even more than that. It's so utterly of its moment."
-- fashion PR Mandi Lennard

Screengrab from article


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The New Sludge Hoody?

The Sl-anket is a gigantic fleece blanket with sleeves. A very soft to the touch, lightweight, but warm fleece blanket with large, loose sleeves designed so you don't feel like you're wearing the blanket, simply wrapped up in its wonder. The Sl-anket is designed to keep your entire body covered and cozy while you still retain the use of your hands. Simplistic & practical, its innovativeness opens up possibilities, but still can replace any normal blanket.

Size: 60" x 95"

Color: Chocolate (dark brown)

Price: $37.99 + s/h

Isn't "blanket" + "sleeves" = "bleeve"? "Sludge" + "blanket" = "Sl-anket".

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


On this Day in History ... History of Referencing This Specific Day... History on Another Math Happy Day...
Charlie recounts:
Being a math nerd, I asked my math class on November 19, 1999 when would be the next day with all odd numbers in it???

Hmmm...not today.


On this special math day - 03.03.09 (square root day! yeah!!), keep in mind:
A rectangle is not a square, but a square is a special rectangle.

Field dimensions: 40 yards wide X 70 yards long + 25 yard endzones.
[One stride = 1 yard.]

Monday, March 02, 2009


Good people, greetings from 5S...

Can be like Sludge seasons -

Unique & Plentiful.
Sludge seasons.

Shouldn't be like snowflakes -
And melt away.

..5S........................more sssssoon...