Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where in the World?

Continuing "Where in the World" paying homage to the worldly mobility of Sludge.

Today's Feature: Meg.

Q: Where in the World is Meg?

A: Meg is/will be in London, Beirut & Muscat.

Sched Change

Another game on the Nat'l Mall this weekend! Previously scheduled @ 9:30am, Saturday's game moves to: 12pm @ JFK #3 (btwn the Lincoln & the WWII Memorial, south of the reflecting pool, but closest to the WWII Memorial).

Brian, don't let the time change discourage you from trying to find a parking spot starting at the original time.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where in the World?

Continuing "Where in the World" paying homage to the worldly mobility of Sludge.

Today's Feature: Michael.

Q: Where in the World is Michael?

A: Michael is in Minneapolis.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Lowercase S

Thanks to Christy who sniffed this article out...

She comments: Like the representative below, I too was "extremely alarmed" by this headline until I realized this doesn't involve our team, simply the possible environmental degradation of poor communities of color. Whew.

Lawmakers Call for sludge Investigation The Examiner (04.18.08)

Sen. Barbara Mikulski and Rep. Elijah Cummings accused researchers of toying with lives and public safety and called Thursday for a federal investigation into sewage sludge experiments conducted in poor, black communities in Baltimore.

“It’s extremely alarming,” Cummings told The Examiner. “When you have a situation where the risks are not communicated to the subjects, protocols are questionable and you put people’s lives in danger, I think that’s a poor foundation...”


Scientists from Johns Hopkins University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture spread sludge on the yards of nine low-income families to test if it would reduce the danger from lead in the soil, a result of paint chipping from the homes.

The scientists used Class A sludge — human waste treated to eliminate pathogens and commonly sold at hardware stores — said Bryan Stark, spokesman for the Kennedy Krieger Institute, which helped select study participants.

“We wanted to do prevention, rather than just treatment, and since we knew that the source of the lead was the dirt in these yards and paint, we decided to attack the source,” said Gary Goldstein, president of Kennedy “This has been an enormous success.” Goldstein also said it was composted sludge.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where in the World?

Continuing "Where in the World" paying homage to the worldly mobility of Sludge.

Today's Feature: Rob.

Q: Where in the World is Rob?

A: Rob is in Las Vega$.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Right to Bear Arms

The 70's (degrees, not decade) are back, so it is very important to protect yourself from the sun. The best way to do this is to stay out of the direct sun if possible (especially between 10 am and 4 pm when sun is the most intense).

If you must be in the sun...
>Cover as much skin as possible
>Wear sun screen of SPF 15 or above on exposed skin
>Wear a brimmed hat to protect your eyes and face
>Wear sunglasses with UV protection & with wrap-around coverage.

Sorry, no advice on how to avoid getting burnt on the frisbee field whilst on defense.

RIP: Duck Pond

Some recent feather ruffling news...
Duck Pond has dried up!

This talented A-turned-B-Leeg team rivaled Sludge on the field & median age. DPers have dispersed within B League so keep your eyes out for some pond-less ducks on other teams.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Week 6: Goldilocks

In the notable children's bedtime story Goldilocks judges with phrases like "too hard," "too hot," "too soft" and "too cold."

Sludge visited with a friendly UnClq at one of Anacostia Park's more dangerous field (too rocky, too dusty, too manholey). Our opponent's unforced errors and punts were lapped up like well-tempered porridge creating many of Sludge's first half points. A few short throws to advance the disc, then a medium-long throw for a score was really working for brown. Unbelievable (the good kind)!

Yes, there was a wind, tho Sludge played more person D to tire our short-handed/legged foes. Habits are hard to break, so some zone was also played. Since UnClq had another game after ours, the game turned into a reserved lackadaisical back & forth with one team keeping score.

With an 8-4 lead, Nigel's "no shorts" game nudged Sludge to show more leg on defense. Brown's offense>defense energy reminds me of the pope mobile where it's a safe haven but it sure looks/feels imbalanced.

After about 65 minutes, Sludge won 15-8...,which was "just right."

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

(Approximate) Celebration

Happy Earth Day, Sludge! Rehashed research as worn seen at OBX:


In honor of Arbor Day, some Sludge volunteered for Sunday's tree planting event.
Other Sludge passed over the event out of respect to the Jewish holiday. Thank you to Joe, Bucci, CH, Andrew & Ian for helping to offset Sludge's carbon footprint.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Where in the World?

Continuing "Where in the World" paying homage to the worldly mobility of Sludge.

Today's Feature: Joe, Andrew, Fishpez & David + Gayle.

Q: Where in the World was Joe, Andrew, Fishpez & David + Gayle?

A: Joe was in New Orleans.

A: Andrew was in Georgia.

A: Fishpez was in Pennsyl'Bama.

A: David & Gayle were in North Carolina.

Breaking News

After playing 39 savage points from the past 2 Saturdays, you'd expect Sludge's team doctor to prescribe some deserved rest for MJ.

However, a recent trip to the ER on Sunday morning revealed a broken rib. The injury occurred during an on-field collision after our game where she was recruited to play. She is out for the season.

Swift Recovery, MJ!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pay Whatcha Want

Taking a cue from RADIOHEAD, CH allows Sludge to PAY WHAT WE WANT.
The league fee for the current spring 2008 season was set @ a mere $17 US.

Now, CHarlie offers you to pay what you mathematically want for the one-season league fee! Anyone with cash or tax refunds can shell out a minimum payment of $1, though all are encouraged to pay what they think the league fee is worth. Anyone paying is required to remind CH to credit your account in the general ledger.

“We were curious to know what Sludge thought we were worth. And what better way to find out, than to let them tell us?” explained El Cap, CHarlie. “While it’s certainly a bit unconventional, I see it as an easy excuse for anyone who continually forgets their checkbook or wallet.”

Friday, April 18, 2008

Safety First: BPA

All Points Bulletin
TO: Hydraters via Nalgene

The health impacts of the chemical known as BPA (bisphenol A) have been validated; from U.S. Cites Fears on Chemical In Plastics (WaPo 4/16/08):

A federal health agency acknowledged for the first time yesterday concerns that a chemical found in thousands of everyday products such as baby bottles and compact discs may cause cancer and other serious disorders.The draft report by the National Toxicology Program signaled a turning point in the government's position on bisphenol A, or BPA, a chemical so ubiquitous in the United States that it has been detected in the urine of 93 percent of the population over 6 years of age. [...]

Used in the production of plastic since the 1950s, BPA may be linked in laboratory animals to breast cancer, prostate cancer, early puberty in females and behavioral changes, according to the study released yesterday. It called for more research into the chemical's health effects.
In response, Nalgene now offers BPA-free bottles:
...Nalgene® will phase out production of its Outdoor line of polycarbonate containers that include the chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) over the next several months... Nalgene’s existing product mix, including the recently launched Everyday line, already features a number of containers made from materials that do not contain BPA.

Just to be on the safe side, please halt any drinking directly from plastic frisbees.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Brown in Town

Brown is kickin' it DC-style giving a recent interview to NPR. Listen to/Read summary of a 9-minute interview of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Speaking on brown's one-game losing streak, Brown said:
[Sludge has] "a combination of problems that can only properly be addressed at a global level."


Some Sludge grouped together for a non-papal 'religious' experience on Sunday. With incredible surround sound and up close & personal views of Bono's sweat glands, the U2 3D IMAX movie is a $12.50 value!

CH, NC, Christy, Mike, Anna Luna, Michael, Lauren, Liz, Matthew & Bucci say: Amen!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Branch Out

10 Pin Oaks, 10 Red Buds, 4 Deodara Cedar, 4 Scarlett Oaks...
and a partidge ina pear tree.

Bucci's organizing a volunteer effort to plant trees & park cleanup @ Lake Fairfax on Sat, April 19th at 8 am. Contact her if interested in waking up & driving to Lk Frfx.

The most common mistake when planting a tree is a digging hole, which is both too deep and too narrow. Too deep and the roots don’t have access to sufficient oxygen to ensure proper growth. Too narrow and the root structure can’t expand sufficiently to nourish and properly anchor the tree.

Week 5: Hellion

A rite of spring that feels wrong. Annoying, yet unavoidable. Pay no attention, and they still affect effect. For anyone who suffers from recurrent irritants (allergies, etc), relief may be found in saying au this game on our sched.

In the late game on Saturday, Sludge was present but minus a certain je ne sais quoi.

This collision with a familair foe flashpointed on POINT #1 resulting in a cuss-out instead of a rule call-out. Going in, we knew this was not gonna be a family game. Truly a tradeoff on such a beautious day.

Sludge was in mid-season form with smooth transitions between defense to offense, respecting cutting space which scored big rewards against a noticeably slowed DLuvs. David hammered in a point, Matthew struck with something called a backhand & Charlie magically threw a disc thru a defender's arm.

Sludge was content +1 @ half. Rob's body was evidently so happy about the score, it cried all over his newish Tshirt.

Our opponents inconceivably made a run grabbing a comfortable 8-12 lead. Then, brown turned up the heat closing the gap to 1 point (12-13) -- a comeback KLuck would have been proud of. All for naught, as Sludge lost 13-to-15.

Game honors in honor of Caps hockey, o'yah:
1 Star ==> Sue for her sideline support.
2 Stars ==> Christy playing super savage.
3 Stars ==> MJ making necessary cuts and D-ing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Menacing Blade

You thought Saturday's game was an unsafe place? Read what happened in Central Oregon...

Ore. men accused of stealing Frisbee at knifepoint (KTXZ)

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) - Police in Grants Pass arrested two men accused of stealing a Frisbee from two other people at knifepoint.

According to a police dispatcher's log, the knife was allegedly held to someone's throat. Police say the victims followed the suspects at a safe distance and phoned 9-1-1 Saturday.

Police arrested [2 guys] on charges of robbery, menacing and theft.

And BTW...
The [2 guys] were also cited on charges of possessing less than an ounce of marijuana.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where in the World?

Continuing "Where in the World" paying homage to the worldly mobility of Sludge.

Today's Feature: Bucci.

Q: Where in the World is Bucci?

A: Bucci was in 'Grease' New York.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

'Manna' Applause

"Manna" applause to Gayle for completing Manna's 10th Annual 5K Fun Run for Affordable Housing today.

Sludge hopes it was a "fun" run for your knees Gayle!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bastyr v. Barney

An associate professor at Bastyr University (Seattle, WA) triple-ups Barney by recommending:

Children and adolescents should be physically active at least 60 minutes on most days, if not every day.

Tips to help you and your children get into a springtime fitness routine:

  • Engage the whole family in physical activities, such as Frisbee, playing catch, hiking, gardening, swimming or rollerblading.
  • Give children rewards ... that encourage them to be more active. (cleats & a brown shirt)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Barney, MD, PhD

Bummed about Saturday's upcoming game? CleanCheer up!

Per Barney:
Clean up clean up everybody everywhere.
Clean up clean up everybody do your share.

Per a British Journal of Sports Medicine article:

"Just 20 minutes of sustained exercise a week - from cleaning to jogging - can impact upon depression."

"The brain is as much a 'physical' organ as the heart or lungs, so perhaps it should not come as a surprise that even little amounts of regular exercise can begin to reduce psychological distress."

Sludge parents are fully aware of the cardio benefits of playing frisbee (jogging) & then a post-game toy sweep (cleaning) at the field. Throw in some dashes to the playground and be happy forever!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

For Holy Sake

"When a ball prays dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee"

You know you've made a name for yourself when...
  • a 'pass' named in your honor - voil√† Papal Mass Pass!
  • a namesake 'score' is mucho cooler - √† la Callahan

Holy Spirit! Get in on a local prayer & praise frisbee.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

JMc "Sorry"

After many purple moons, Mariah Carey is back in the slog news with the following headline...

'JMc Is Sorry for Hitting Mariah Carey in the Face With That Frisbee'

“Her bodyguard came and explained to me that I should probably be more careful. And we never saw that Frisbee again.”Jack McBrayer (30 Rock intern) on hitting Mariah Carey in the face with a Frisbee on the set of her new video [Quote Machine]

Not our Joe Mc!

Monday, April 07, 2008

How Now Brown Noun

One for the lawyers...

UPS Sues New Jersey Lawyer for Trademark Infringement
UPS has sued a New Jersey lawyer, Samuel Z. Brown, of The Law Offices of Samuel Z. Brown - for supposedly infringing on UPS’s trademarks involving the color brown, including the use of Sam’s last name in the domain for his firm’s website (& blog).

From The Daily Report:

UPS objects to Brown’s Web site, and his uses of the phrase “See What Brown Can Do for You,” and his “Brown Engine” that performs a “See What Brown Can Find for You” search function. The 101-year-old UPS has used brown as a signifier since 1916, according to court papers. One of the parcel service’s founders, chose the color brown for company uniforms and delivery vehicles because the color “reflected class, elegance and professionalism,” the company said in its pleadings.
Sludge interestingly, tho *very much* legally-harmless, chose brown bcs the hue reflected "...grace, skill and panache...". And Rob was able to pick up bushels on the cheap.

Click & Pop

Not talking body language here...

Too fun with just two words:

Bubble Wrap!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Week 4: Cheerry

Andrew supplies his notes 'from the field':

- beautiful day (again) despite the gloomy weather forecast
- first game on the Polo fields in a while; surprised to see new grass growing there (unfortunately, less now after our game)
- opponent was TrunkMonkey
- lots of Sludge biked to the game (including Gayle on a loaner bike from Meg who made her mark on the game from thousands of miles away), but even they were slowed by traffic and people walking on sidewalks which led to some crankiness among our players...opening cheer: F'n tourists!
- some Sludgies had to park north of Constitution Ave. and walked down; hats off to Lucy and Anna Luna for working on their hiking skills at an early age
- our play was okay, some mistakes, but fairly steady; opponent made more mistakes and we capitalized; Sludge led 8-3 at half
- more steady play from us in second half; TM's started clicking towards the end, but were too far behind to catch up
- the extra play allowed enough time for Jen to arrive (with Keller & Griff), put on her cleats, give Griff a quick sip, and then jumped in the game to play one point
- game ended with Christy throwing the winning score (a break-force backhand, uphill and into the wind ???)
- final score 15-8/9 in favor of Sludge

Sadly, Brian never made it to the game; he circled endlessly in the car after dropping the others off and when the game ended he had to come pick them up; he even missed pick up that followed the game.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Where in the World?

Continuing "Where in the World" paying homage to the worldly mobility of Sludge.

Today's Feature: Michael.

Q: Where in the World is Michael?

A: Michael is in Knoxville, TN.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Gut Check

WUGC dares you to: Mark your calendars to be part of the celebration!

World Ultimate and Guts Championships
August 2 - 9, 2008 in Vancouver, BC, Canada

> Ultimate 411- a team sport.
> Guts info - a test of players’ daring.

IMO, playing a poorly named contest where someone chucks a plastic disc at you may be more closely related to a different "Ultimate."

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No Joke!

At Saturday's post-game press conference, CH provided an uplifting one sentence analysis of Sludge's current record:

"We are once again breathing the heady air of being an above .500 team so enjoy it while we can."