Monday, September 23, 2019

Qualifying Club Teams For 2019 National Championships

All divisions within all 8 regions completed their Regional Championships to determine which club ultimate teams earned a bid to Triple Crown Tour's National Championships in San Diego, California.

Club teams finish within each region/division; (#) = Regional seed
22 out of 24 1-seeds at USA Ultimate Regional Championships qualified for 2019 National Championships. The two "upsets" both happened in the 1-bid Great Lakes Region; mixed division  (Columbus Cocktails) and women's division (Chicago Nemesis).

1-seeded Teams Results at Regionals
Men's Division: 6/8 #1s finished 1st at Regionals; all 8 #1s qualified for Nationals
Lowest seed to earn a bid: Vancouver Furious George (4) in Northwest Region

Mixed Division: 5/8 #1 finished 1st at Regionals; 7/8 1-seeds qualified for Nationals
Lowest seed to earn a bid: Asheville Superlame (7) in Southeast Region.

Women's Division: 6/8 #1s finished 1st at Regionals; 7/8 #1s qualified for Nationals
Lowest seed to earn a bid: Quebec Iris (4) in the Northeast Region

Cities Represented in All 3 Divisions:
San Francisco
Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Ultimate Tournament Staff Appreciation Day

Today is Ultimate Tournament Staff Appreciation Day!
From local leagues to national events; from Sectionals to Regionals, from hats to Worlds, ultimate tournaments happen because of hardworking individuals. Tournament Directors (TDs) and their staff do so much – schedule, budget, plan, setup, field lining, feeding, measuring, calling, texting, emailing, confirming, directing, volunteer recruitment, keeping time, air-horning, checking weather, rechecking weather, selling merchandise, hiring trainers, delegating, getting water, finding backup fields (when necessary), cleanup, score reporting and so much more – to organize competition for the sport of ultimate. For these reasons and more, September 18th is a day to take time to appreciate Ultimate Tournament Staff.

Want to celebrate Ultimate Tournament Staff Appreciation day?
  • Post an appreciative message on social media and tag the tournament account.
  • Post a photo of a recent ultimate tournament with a complimentary message.
  • Hug &/or high-five tourney staff if you see them in-person.
Why celebrate Ultimate Tournament Staff Appreciation day?
Join this grassroots movement to publicly recognize these important people in the sport of ultimate. Or, don't; just take for granted the time and energy ultimate tournament staff/volunteers spend so you can play ultimate games.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Freestyle Competition to Debut at Inaugural World Urban Games

The first edition of the World Urban Games (WUG) will take place September 13 through 15 in Budapest. The WUG promise is to be the ultimate global showcase for a new generation of urban sports. This multi-sport event is planned to be held every two years and will encompass a wide range of activities and events, from sport competitions to showcases and demonstrations featuring music, dance and urban culture.

One of the competition sports of the WUG program is "Flying Disc Freestyle," which WUG describes as: "a cooperative sport that combines the basic game of throw and catch with aspects of gymnastics, dance, martial arts, and other physical disciplines. It's both a creative art and an athletic challenge."

The World Flying Disc Federation's Freestyle Committee, in consultation with the Freestyle Players Associationselected 12 mixed gender Freestyle teams (pairs) from 9 different countries. They are:
1. Juliana Korver/Ryan Young (USA)

2. Emma Kahle/Daniel O’Neill (USA)

3. Bianca Strunz/Fabian Dinklage (GER)

4. Ilka Simon/Waldemar Wagner (GER)

5. Maxine Mittempergher/Edo Turri (ITA)

6. Anna Bragagnolo/Andrea Rimatori (ITA)

7. Joakim Arveskar/Vendella Arveskar (SWE)

8. Meirav Pinhas/Yuval Reikoren (ISR)

9. Benedicte Audet/Brett Schramek (CAN)

10. Marysia Ryszarda Krajewska/Kuba Radwanska (POL)

11. Sophie Rickers/Gordon Brown (GBR)

12. Paola Andrea Garcia Palaez/Pablo Azul (COL)

Freestyle is sharing the same venue as 3x3 basketball. View the full schedule.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Chart: 2019 USAU Triple Crown Tour Regional Bid Allocations

The 48 bids to USA Ultimate Club Nationals were allocated to the 8 geographic regions. The Northeast region earned the most bids with 10 (3 in Men's + 3 in Mixed + 4 in Women's). Teams will be vying for one Nationals bid in 8 competitions - Great Lakes Men's, Mixed Women's; Mid-Atlantic Women's; North Central Men's, Mixed Women's; and South Central Women's.

Region(s) with the most bids...
in the Men's Division = Northeast, Northwest (3 ea)
in the Mixed Division = Northeast, Northwest (3 ea)
in the Women's Division = Northeast (4)

Compare to last year.

[Data via USAU; chart compiled by SLUDGE]