Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Nex League Update

NexGen's proposed elite club Ultimate league announced they have commitments from half of the invited teams.

Out of the 18 invited teams [3 teams in each division (6); 2 divisions within each conference (3)], here are the teams that may be part of the "9 teams already signed", listed per the final 2012 Club Rankings:
USAU Pro Flight
*1 - Austin Doublewide
2 - San Francisco Revolver
3T - Boston Ironside
3T - Raleigh Ring of Fire
5 - Chicago Machine
*6 - Toronto GOAT
*7T - Atlanta Chain Lightning
7T - Seattle Sockeye
USAU Elite Flight
*9 - Madison Club
10 - Portland Rhino
11 - Vancouver Furious George
*12 - Boulder Johnny Bravo
*13T - Minneapolis Sub Zero
*13T - DC Truck Stop
15 - San Fran Boost Mobile
16 - New York PoNY
Not Ranked
Philadelphia Southpaw
*Pittsburgh Oakland
*Columbus Madcow

Projections are based on the USA Ultimate flight selection and vicinity to other elite ultimate teams. Primarily, Elite flight teams would want to seek out a better competition system than the USAU-offered Triple Crown Tour, regardless of their players' MLU/AUDL ambitions.

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