Monday, January 14, 2013

MLUltimate Update

MLU quietly announced two teams - New Jersey Founders & San Jose Black Hats - would be disinvited to their inaugural 2013 season. Each MLU conference (Eastern & Western) intended to have 5 teams. Instead, the 2013 schedule will have 8 teams playing games within their conference over 10 weeks.
Nixing 2 teams from the MLU team roster reduces league total investment shares by $250,000. Excluding the New Jersey Founders as an MLU founding team is paradoxical. The rationale for "dropping" NJ & SJ teams was because these cities were not deemed as a "strong market", and their proximity to other conference teams were "a bit close together". Sound familiar? (Territory License Agreement & its outcome on the AUDL).

In other news, the Boston Bootleggers re-branded to become the Boston Whitecaps. See my suggested names for MLU teams.

1 comment:

Matthew Hodgson said...

I think they probably just didn't get investors.
Also, seems like there is no chance the Constitution will be operating in the MLU this year as well. Wondering if this had anything to do with Bryan Ricci not having $125k to drop as well.