Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Soil Frysical Properties

Sludge can expect a relatively hefty portion of frisbee particles in their OBX sand.
particle size
Soil texture is determined by the relative proportions of soil particles of different sizes less than 2 mm in diameter. This is sometimes called the fine earth fraction of the soil. Particles greater than 2mm in diameter are referred to as coarse fragments, & generally do not have an important functional impact on the soil. Relative sizes of the 3 fine earth fractions are indicated on a familiar scale by the beachball-frisbee-dime illustration (above).

Fine Earth Fraction (Texture)
Sand: 2 - .05 mm (200 - 50 microns)
Silt: 0.05 - .002 mm (50 - 2 microns)
Clay: < .002 mm

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