Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Ultimate Frisbee

Here are the 'occupy' rules in the self-officiating game of Ultimate. 

XVII. Positioning [USAU 11th Ed.]
A. Each player is entitled to OCCUPY any position on the field not occupied by an opposing player, unless specifically overridden elsewhere, provided that no personal contact is caused in taking such a position.
B. A player who jumps is entitled to land at the take-off spot without hindrance by opponents. That player also is entitled to land at another spot, provided that the landing spot, and the direct path between the take-off and landing spots, were not already occupied at the time of take-off
*This does not trump a player’s responsibility to make reasonable efforts to avoid contact and to not commit a blocking foul. If you commit a blocking foul, the fact that you jumped to the spot instead of running does not negate the foul.

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