Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week 6: B(each)-Game Out, A-Game In

If you needed any more reasons to miss the OBXeach Ultimate… Re-location? bah! Driving to game? bah!! No post-game water outlets? bah!!! Truth is: Sludge deserved this game. After the wind infested beach play, our Ultimate sensibilities deserved a reversal of fortunes.

Before the shadows had a chance to creep onto the lower altitude field, Sludge was up 4-0. RacHel showed off for her fans with multiple knockdowns and scores. Brian skyD to prevent a deep score, then threw a layout special to MicHael for a 2-yard gain.

Sludge easily won the first 10 points with offONfense. It was as if brown had faded and gone to the Oprah Winfrey Show…“YOU get an open cut! YOU get to D the disc!” 

Back and forth points went the way of Sludge as Jen & Christy (who also had a great forehand) cut to open space on the flat, solid field. Joe & CHarlie kept the O flow in the middle of the green field. For points 11 + 12 (11), David, then MattHew found Nigel on deep cuts. 11-3, 13-3. Win 15-3.
Quadruple team on CHarlie
Brown-panted Jake directs SLUDGE while CHaptain is busy

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