Thursday, February 16, 2017

DC Truck Stop and DC Breeze To Partner in 2017 Seasons

D.C. Truck Stop is officially partnering with the D.C. Breeze.  In 2016, D.C. Breeze finished second in the East Division; Truck Stop tied for 5th place overall in USA Ultimate's Triple Crown Tour club season.
According to Truck's announcement, the partnership with the AUDL's D.C. team for the 2017 season is to "better streamline energy" for players who play for both teams. In the 2016 seasons, there were 14 Truck Stop players who were also on the Breeze roster.

How will the partnership benefit?
This is mostly about consolidating leadership and tryouts. The two teams will use similar strategies, systems, and philosophies.

Darryl Stanley, the new head coach of the Breeze, will be the head coach of Truck Stop in 2017. Plus, all three of Truck Stop's captains - Nate Castine, David Cranston, and Jonathan Neeley - are returning to play for the Breeze.

What's next?
Truck Stop's open tryout will be the same as the Breeze's open tryout - on Sunday, March 5th. Anyone who makes the Breeze roster will be eligible to make Truck's final roster, which will set in early June 2017.

What about USA Ultimate's club season?
All players on the Breeze's 32-player extended roster will have a fair chance at making Truck's 28-player final roster that will be set in June.

Once Truck sets its USA Ultimate roster and the Breeze sets its final AUDL roster, players who are Truck-only and Breeze-only will overlap. All Truck players (and non-Breeze players) will be invited to practice with the Breeze, and all Breeze players–even those not on the playoff roster–will still be expected to practice and travel with the team.

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