Monday, February 27, 2017

Breakdown of DC Breeze 2017 Roster by Club Team

Even before the tryouts begin for the Breeze, the D.C. AUDL team already has enough for a gameday active roster. Twenty players have been signed for the AUDL 2017 season, and 75% (15) of the current 20-player roster was on the Truck Stop roster in the USA Ultimate 2016 club season. A total of 24 players were on the 2016 Truck Stop roster.
So far, the Washington, D.C. Truck Stop-D.C. Breeze partnership is operating smoothly.

Breeze tryouts are less than a week away - Sunday, March 5th at Dunbar High School. The AUDL season starts on April 1.

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Anonymous said...

3 Ambiguously Grey players (Zach B, Alexander T, Justin S.)
1 Patrol (David Bloodgood)
1 Temper (Marcus Thaw)
2 Floodwall players (Austin B, Joseph R(?))
Doublewide (John W.)