Friday, February 03, 2017

WIRED Recommends Ultimate Frisbee Instead of Football

WIRED magazine - a fan of the Frisbee - published a parenting guide in its July 2016 issue. Jim Gaffigan, W. Kamau Bell and Kelly McEvers are some of the contributors lending parenting advice. The sports advice from Luke Whelan caught my eye.

Produce an Alt-Athlete
Nerdlets aren't built for football (and there's that concussion thing). But they shouldn't Minecraft all day long - they need to master teamwork! Spatial relationships IRL! The possibility of obscure scholarships! These combos will give you most of the benefits of big-name team sports without the bone-jarring jocktitude.

According to this sports calculation: combining crew + chess + ultimate Frisbee would equate to football.

In addition to throwing spinning things long distances, ultimate is a field sport with players who possess speed, agility, endurance, and requires both hand-eye and analytic aptitude - just like in American football.

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