Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MLU Locations

The Major League Ultimate announced ten locations for their 2013 season which consists of east and west coast sites. Specifically, 2 northeastern states, 1 New England city, 1 east coast city, 1 east coast territory, plus 2 California cities + 3 northwestern cities. BTW, here were my site predictions.

Eastern Division: Boston, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia & Washington, D.C.

Western Division: Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, Portland, Seattle, & Vancouver.

Future sites: Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Toronto

Distances To/From MLU locations
NOTES: Chart measures the distance from two points.
Trenton was designated as the New Jersey city for this chart.
Eastern Division travel: 174 miles = avg distance between divisional cities. Shortest = 29 miles (Trenton  <--> Philadelphia); Longest = 395 miles (Boston <--> Washington, DC)
Western Division: 468 miles = avg distance between divisional cities. Shortest = 42 miles (San Francisco <--> San Jose); Longest = 827 miles (Vancouver <--> San Jose)

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