Tuesday, October 23, 2012

USAU's Triple Crown Tour

After introducing the non-tennis-related summer Ultimate tournament, USA Ultimate announced huge news for competitive teams. USAU's Triple Crown may sound like it's Medieval or about horse racing; so why not Game of Throwns?

USA Ultimate's Triple Crown Tour

Teams competing in the Triple Crown Tour will be divided into 4 competitive tiers (Flights) based on results from the previous season. The top 8 teams will be awarded a spot in the Pro Flight, while the next eight teams will compete in the Elite Flight. A maximum of 32 teams (four per geographic region) will be included in the Select Flight, and an unlimited number of remaining teams will be slotted into the Classic Flight.

Throughout the summer and fall, teams will compete in a structured Regular Season and Postseason format with an opportunity to win the three major components of the Triple Crown - the U.S. Open Ultimate Championships, the Pro Flight Regular Season, and the National Championships.

Regular Season sanctioned events will begin in June, while the U.S. Open Ultimate Championships in July will serve as the first of several Pro Flight events on the Triple Crown Tour. The Regular Season continues with various Flight-specific and cross-Flight Challenge events, as well as sanctioned USA Ultimate tournaments, providing a formal structure in which all teams will compete. The Regular Season is then followed by the Postseason, consisting of Sectional Playoffs, Regional Playoffs and the National Championships.

Teams performing well throughout the Triple Crown Tour will be rewarded for performance with a variety of incentives, including prize money for winning each of the three components, a bonus for winning the Triple Crown, byes to the Regional Playoffs, wildcards to Nationals, an invitation to the U.S. Open and more.

Unlike any sporting structure in the world, the Triple Crown Tour is accessible to any team. And while only four teams per division are eligible to win the Triple Crown in any given year, the structure features a promotion and relegation dynamic that allows teams to play their way into the Pro Flight and Triple Crown contention over time.

More explanation. [Ultiworld]

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