Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 6: Prevailing

After such a FUstratiNg time playing Ultimate on the beach last weekend, the solid ground and sporadic wind was welcomed. The difference between Saturday's wind strength compared to OBX was as different as the strong ocean waves were to ripples in the (heated) swimming pool.

Sludge began with three break scores; Henry to Russ, a bookend by Jen and then Mike's apt-advised hammer to Steve. Natitude quickly set in fearing big early leads; 3-1. CHarlie restored brown's O with an upline backhand to Brian; 4-2.

The play of the game was a full layout one-handed catch by CHris at the sideline of a low backhand from CHarlie. This scenario had played out a few times during beach Ultimate, but for end-of-point scores. So, NICH quickly established a pivot and threw a 30-yard cross-field flick laser to Nigel; 5-2.

Sludge D was again establishing their many-throws-zone thanks to a stable cup presence. Russ' bookend; 7-3. Another break score led to a flow from MattHew to Nigel to Sarah; 8-3.

The energetic first half continued after halftime. More breaks cores led to a Bucci to Joe to Nigel chain; 9-3. Russ' ill-advised cross-field flick was tipped by the defense and grrabbed by MattHew in the endzone; 11-3.

ReRun's one-point switch to zone D was one of the quicker points of the game with MicHael and CHarlie handling complemented with timely cuts from Jen, Brian and RacHel; 12-5.

Solid all-around performance by Sludge not only creating turnovers, but also seizing on the TOs with efficient point-making. Win 15-6.

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Matthew said...

In the picture of me getting ready to throw to Jen, it appears I'm preparing to throw a backhand. Clearly there must be some mistake. Maybe it's an optical illusion...