Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mixed Club Teams 2012

The following is based on USA Ultimate's recently published team rosters. The chart below displays the sixteen (16) Mixed teams that qualified for the USAU National Club Championships, their seed, how many players on their published roster, plus the team's average age and its age rank. These teams from all over the map play October 25-28 in Sarasota, Florida.

NOTES:  This mixed gender competition division compete with either a 4:3 or 3:4 gender ratio.
The average age of the sixteen qualifying Mixed teams players = 26.8 y.o.; N = 407.
8th-seeded Overhaul has the youngest player roster while 2nd-seeded The Ghosts are oldest (30.4 y.o.)
The three youngest players are 18; Bucket has two, and Mental Toss Flycoons has one.
There are three players who are 40+; 1 aged 40 (American BBQ), Blackbird & Cosa Nostra each have 1 player aged 42.
Every player - regardless of gender - on the published roster was factored into the calculations. 

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Anonymous said...

Mental TOSS Flycoons: As in "Moving to Montana soon, gonna be a mental toss flycoon."

Sludge said...

The team name has been corrected. (apologies to Frank Zappa.)