Thursday, October 18, 2012

Behind-the-Back Backhand huck

Impressive execution!


Anonymous said...

I like them. They're wearing our fave color.

Anonymous said...

Where is he now, you ask?

It was a dark stormy night as Red Shirt trudged gently up the back stairs in his Somerville, MA apartment. His shoes were brown and caked with red mud from lurking in the back alleys of Medford waiting for his shipment. He wasn't sure why the shipment was late on this Thursday night in October, but he knew the shipment would arrive as it always had. The Joint Chief had always come through and this night was no different.

As he approached the door of his apartment, he could hear the soft purring of his girlfriend's cat trapped beneath a pile of coats thrown in the hallway. As he crept in, not wanting to disturb anyone at this late hour, he carefully tucked the shipment under his arm and breathed a gentle sign of relief.

And then...KERPLANK - EEK - ZONK - he stepped on that miserable cat again and fell crashing to the floor. He had spilled his Magic Cards everywhere. All of his multi-sided dice had spilled into the hallway. And what made it worse? His dungeon master's helmet fell loudly crashing onto the linoleum floor. So much for keeping this dream a surprise. The dream was dead! Now his girlfriend would know of his secret pursuits late into the night to appease his wanton desire and insatiable longing for his fantasy world...Time to go back to his original hobby...spinning the 'bee...