Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ultimate Frisbee Cake

As if playing Ultimate isn't sweet enough; you can eat Ultimate, too! 

These amazingly designed Ultimate Frisbee desserts are in line with the "Frisbie" tradition:
"Ultimate" Bday Cake with marzipan cleats [tastes like yum]

Top of a wedding cake [Simply Stunning Cake Design]
Designed with Discraft Ultrastar logo. [Cake Central]
White Frisbee atop chocolate cake [via]
Ulti field cake [super sweet tooth]

Layout Cake [via]

"You're the Ultimate" cake design [via]
White Disc with blue skies [via]
Yellow 175-gram Ultra-Star cake [via]
Red Ultra-Star disc cake [via]

Cake with Old UPA logo stencil. Nice hand addition. [via]

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