Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Masters Club Teams 2012

USA Ultimate's recently published team rosters. Based on the published data, the chart below displays the twelve (12) Masters teams that qualified for the USAU National Club Championships, their seed, how many players on their published roster, plus the team's average age and its age rank. These teams play Oct 25-28 in Sarasota, Florida.

NOTES:  Masters Division is limited to players 33 years and older in the year of competition.
The average age of the twelve qualifying Masters teams players = 37.9 y.o.; N = 321.
Chesapeaked holds the 10th seed and has the oldest average aged with five rostered players aged 50 or older; the oldest being 55.
Crawl - the only other team with a 50+ player (51 y.o.) is seeded 12th, but is youngest in average age.
Crawl & Chesapeaked each have one player on their rosters aged "32."
Every player on the published roster was factored into the calculations.

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parinella said...

Some of the Crawl guys are not 33, as they were playing at GM.

Sludge said...

The chart is based on published data at USAU site Crawl's roster has 21 people total; breakdown = 32 (1) + 33 (19) + 51 (1). Birth certificates/driver licenses were not requested when compiling the chart.

Anonymous said...

don't be such a birther...