Monday, October 29, 2012

Club 2012 Nationals Recap

Over this past weekend, the 4-day 2012 Club Nationals tournament organized by USA Ultimate concluded in Sarasota, Florida. Game conditions were, again, not ideal as steady winds from Hurricane Sandy distracted from Ultimate's true sport flow.

Congratulations to the following 2012 winners...
Masters 3-peat Champions:
Minnesota Surly (1) over Raleigh-Durham Boneyard (3)
WEEKEND TOTALS: 43 games played; 824 points scored.

Mixed Repeat Champions:
San Francisco Blackbird (11) over San Francisco Polar Bears (1)
WEEKEND TOTALS: 66 games played; 1633 points scored.

Women 7-peat Champions:
San Francisco Fury (1) over Seattle Riot (2)
WEEKEND TOTALS: 67 games played; 1583 points scored.

Open (Men) 1st-time Champions:
Austin Doublewide (4) over San Francisco Revolver (2)
WEEKEND TOTALS: 65 games played; 1599 points scored.

Grand Masters Champions: [played Sept 2012]
Minnesota Surly GM (3) over Philadelphia Scrapple (1)

View video archive of select games [YouTube].

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