Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Mid-Atlantic Bid Game 2012: DC vs Philly

Game footage of DC Truck Stop vs Philly Southpaw [9/30/2012] from USA Ultimate's Mid-Atlantic (MA) Regionals is now posted by UltiWorld.  Whichever team won this game would be the lone MA Open team to receive a bid to the National Championships in Sarasota, FL.

I attended the Sunday game and was impressed by the high-flying athleticism of both teams, especially after 5 previous games (3 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday). Adds to the probable AUDL rivalry - Breeze vs Spinners. BTW, lots of tournament photos by UltiPhotos.

The video wonderfully condenses the 2-hour game into 43 minutes.

Some photos from my camera:

UltiWorld's camera perspective (on-site office)

Nick Purifico (#2, Southpaw) with the most interesting hairdo at MA Regionals

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