Thursday, January 26, 2017

The World Games Tryout Invites by Division for US Ultimate Team

USA Ultimate announced the invite list to tryout for Team USA Ultimate to represent at The World Games 2017 in Poland. The sixty-four (64) invited players include the 2013 World Games team roster plus players from the WUGC 2016 tryout process.

While the Flying Disc event (ultimate) is played as a coed competition, only 8 (12.5%) of invited players to tryout played in the mixed division.

Club Division (Qty) %
Men = (29) 45.31%
Women = (27) 42.19%
Mixed = (8) 12.5% [Female] = (5) 7.81% + [Male] = (3) 4.69%

The mixed division invitees are: Erica Baken (Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust), Nancy Haskell (Cincinnati Steamboat), Raha Mozaffari (Philadelphia AMP), Sarah Anciaux (Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust), Sarah Meckstroth (Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust), Chris Mazur (Mianus Metro North), Khalif El-salaam (Seattle Mixtape), and Mac Taylor (San Francisco Blackbird).

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Anonymous said...

Furthermore, one of the threes male Mixed players (Mazur) is a long-time Men's player (PoNY) and only switched divisions in 2016.