Monday, January 30, 2017

PHOTO: Alternative Facts Ultimate Community Edition

One slide was shared via Twitter from the USA Ultimate Board of directors meeting this past weekend. The slide is titled: "Alternative Facts: Ultimate Community Edition."
The slide reads:
Alternative Facts: There is a systematic lack of females in leadership roles at USA Ultimate

 Fact: USA Ultimate has a very strong history of having females in leadership roles.
  • Two of the last 3 (and 3 of the last 5) chief executive officers have been female
  • Four of the last 5 board presidents have been female
  • Two of the last 3 board vice-presidents have been female
  • Board composition is 40% female (5 of 12)
  • Four board-level committee chairs are female
  • Up until recently...,50% of the HQ staff's senior level department directors were female

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