Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Seattle Cascades Split From Sockeye for AUDL 2017 Season

Seattle Cascades broke up with Seattle Sockeye.
After a couple of years of partnering with the elite men's club ultimate team in Seattle, the American Ultimate Disc League team has decided to operate independently.

As partners, Sockeye and Cascades shared the same captains, coaching staff, and similar rosters. Throughout the entire season, [Cascades GM] Xtehn worked closely with the Sockeye leadership to plan and execute roster decisions, fitness planning, and on field practices.

Seattle Cascades won the Western Conference Division in 2016 and finished 2nd to Dallas Roughnecks in the 2016 AUDL Championship. Meanwhile, Seattle Sockeye tied for 5th in USA Ultimate's Triple Crown Tour.

Of the three signed players (Mark Burton, Khalif El-salaam, Adam Simon) for the 2017 AUDL season, only Burton played with Sockeye in 2016. With the shutdown of the MLU, the Cascades have a larger talent pool to pull from including players from Seattle  Rainmakers and, perhaps even, from the Portland Stags; in addition, to a wealth of Seattle-area club players from the mixed and women's divisions.

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