Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review: AUDL Indy AlleyCats

Next in the series evaluating the 8 AUDL team logos and nicknames.

Team: Indianapolis AlleyCats // Website:

Colors: Green, Black, Red // Representation: City

Disc within logo?: Yes. Tho, looks like a hockey puck. //  Ultimate element in team name?: No.

History/Research: There was a CBA/ABA basketball team - Indiana Alley Cats. Further, stray & feral ("alley") cats are the greatest source of cat overpopulation. Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC) can't save and support the overwhelming number of accidental litters, stray and family cats brought to the shelter doors everyday. Nearly 72% of the cats that enter government-run city shelters are killed due to lack of resource. There is a national advocacy group for Alley Cats (two words)...

First impression(s): Better a feline > canine so as to not feed into the stereotype that Ultimate includes dogs! Looks like a Cat Rescue League logo that uses large collars.

Jeremiah's Eval: Is it windy in Indy? Or maybe they are just prickly. Good illustration of the cat, it could be simplified for better reproduction, but it looks like it has a tire around its neck, I am not sure if that is supposed to be a disc, if it is maybe the cat just got decapitated. I am ambivalent about the font, nothing special. But the knockout between the two "L"s needs to be resolved, if the kerning is reduced the sliver of space between them is gone.

Jeremiah's Grade: B

What are your thoughts on this AUDL's team name & logo?

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Rachel H. said...

My favorite part is the disembodied tail.