Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review: AUDL Columbus Cranes

Next in the series evaluating the 8 AUDL team logos and nicknames.
Team: Columbus Cranes // Website:

Colors: Blue, White, Orange // Representation: City

Disc within logo?: Yes. //  Ultimate element in team name?: Yes. (flight)

History: The sandhill crane is an endangered species within the state of Ohio. Among the oldest living species of birds, dating back 2.5 million years. Perhaps the most unique characteristic of the sandhill crane is its tendency to dance. Although an integral part of their courtship, they can be seen dancing any time of the year.

First impression(s): A conservancy group for egrets. Stork delivery service of baby discs. Kinda like CRANE Plumbing logo...

Jeremiah's Eval: Using Arial as the typeface makes me think there was not much thought put into font choice in addition to the bad letter spacing. "AUDL" is placed on the disc so there is a sliver of color after the "L"... why not make it look centered on the disc with good spacing all around. Some of the lines in the wings of the crane are too scribbly to be read as feathers.

Jeremiah's Grade: C

What are your thoughts on this AUDL's team name & logo?

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