Friday, March 02, 2012

Read All About It: ultimATHLETE

Don't let the title fool you - this is a full-body fitness handbook designed specifically for Ultimate players. More than just lunges and crunches!  

The Ultimate Athlete Handbook [Skyd Store] 

Info: The Ultimate Athlete Handbook - a guide forging optimal fitness specifically for the sport of Ultimate. The e-book includes sample workouts, training explanations, & video demos, plus  super action photos from Fantastic for all levels to developing a more serious training foundation for the sport. Also, an excellent resource for more serious athletes to augment their training regimen. By Melissa Witmer [UltimateResults].

Best Line: But, isn't chasing plastic a lot more fun when you are the one making the big plays, staying healthy & winning? -- Tim Morrill (Morrill Performance)

Format: PDF e-book (50 pages / 17.6 MB)

Price: $15.00 ($1 of sales donated to Ultimate Peace.)

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