Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 1: Game to 15?

Sludge's play started strong in the first half of the first spring game. Scores by Bucci, and then Steve gave a rare early lead; 2-0. Zone D showed its teeth with some goal line stances. Allowing drops/forcing turnovers keyed offense transitions – like the score flow of Andrew-to-Nigel-to-MicHael-to-Bucci-back to-MicHael-back to-Nigel , 5-1. Joe hucked, Jen & RacHel caught scores, and Sludge dictated pace to their favor, 8-6.

As teams do at half, sides were switched, but so did the sidelines due to a field shift to make room for another Ultimate game at Sligo.

Sludge worked hard for every second half point. David led a patient O point with a throw to Christy; 9-6. CHarlie threw a hanger to Bucci for a one point lead; 10-9. CHris remarked "[This game is] ours to lose."

Temperatures were heating up as Sludge’s offense was slightly cooling down. First and second throws happened early in the stall count, but successive cuts were lacking. Swung discs/break mark throws helped fuel brown; 12-9.

Points were longer and more contested; 12-10. Sludge turnovers increased; 12-11. A pull was not caught; 12-12. Points were not as easy to come by as felled acorns.

At 12-13, Sludge challenged Le Chomp's upfield throws, and led 15-14 in a capped game to 16. At universe point, brown maximized their playing time, yet could not sustain another flow into the end zone.
Loss 15-16.

Jen & Steve team up on Zone Cup.
In, but not IN. Trust Me.
Universe Point...15-15.

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