Thursday, March 15, 2012

Elbow Swing

The pictured forehand uses a full body motion. Looks more like a contortionist performance with a very flexible elbow + wrist, than an Ultimate player.
Queensland Open Championships (March 2012, Australia) [WhattheTim]
Some Signs of a Player not using their Elbow when Throwing a Forehand [ThinkUlti]
  • The disc turns over in flight (too much outside in)
  • The player thrusts their hips forward and shoulders back as they throw a forehand.
  • The elbow remains close to the waist before or after the throw.
  • The player cannot throw a wide forehand.
  • The player is using a split finger grip (so they can hold the disc out horizontally, without it flopping down). Holding the disc vertically removes this need...
Practice a forehand throwing motion several times & then throw, emphasizing 2 things:
1. Rolling your wrist under, not over, so it finishes palm up
2. Moving your elbow through

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