Tuesday, March 27, 2012

AUDL "Curb Appeal"

Quite an evolution for the inaugural 8 AUDL teams since the pro ultimate league announcement. From selecting cities, organizing tryouts, selecting rosters, to selling tickets and merch. The first pull is April 14, 2012!

One of the more fascinating aspects of the AUDL is the team names. So important that "Ultimate - The Greatest Sport Ever Invented by Man" dedicates one chapter ['Choosing a Name for Your Ultimate Team'] on this subject.

Think about professional leagues and how certain team names would be received if released today...
White Sox! Really, Chicago? Lions! Why in Detroit? Wild! Most abstract, Minnesota. Jazz! Doesn't sound right Utah. Of course, history can explain team names, a relocation may influence given names, an update may occur based on the newest trendy color, marketing/branding advice may get in the way, etc...

Ultimate has an awesome opportunity to display itself as: 1) a top-level sport & 2) a professional sport with the American Ultimate Disc League. Knowing the importance of first impressions, I'd rather opinions be influenced by the display of on-field athleticism and competition; not by the team's image. So, COMING SOON...an insight/critique of nicknames & logos for the eight AUDL teams.
from the AUDL Webpage 'Teams'

Thanks in advance to the review panel: Sludge teammate RacHel, and Jeremiah Boncha [founder asteriskthreads.com + rimagives.org & also at bonchadotdiscs.tumblr.com].

RECAP of the 2012 AUDL logos.

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