Monday, March 12, 2012

Frisbee Rush at your Fingertips

Knowing the comparisons of handheld devices and a frisbee, why not virtually combine them? Phone + Frisbee = PHrisbee.

Frisbee Rush from unit9 is a mobile controlled Desktop/TV arcade game, allowing for anyone to use their Smartphone to throw Frisbees into a game environment on their Desktop or TV. Player(s) can choose to use real throw gestures or flick the Frisbee on the mobile screen to slice through and destroy anything on the big screen. The aim is to fend off invading alien monsters in a 3D city with your disc throwing skills.

The player is confronted with a cityscape being invaded by alien monsters, prepared to save the human population of the alien threat, the player will soon relies that the monsters have not come to the city to destroy it, but are instead here to defend it! The longer you can survive, the further you will progress in the game and gradually discover new and harder game levels.

Frisbee/Frizbee Rush plans to be available in Spring 2012 in the App Store, Android Market, Chrome Web Store & compatible with Google TV.

Frisbee Rush from unit9 on Vimeo.

View a demo here:

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