Friday, March 02, 2018

Australian Ultimate League Readies for Its 2018 Season

United Ultimate League (UUL) was yesterday's news. Say hello to  Australian Ultimate League, a "professional, gender equitable league that showcases the sport of ultimate and the elite athletes who play it" founded by Cat Phillips, Brendan Ashcroft and Matt Hill.

Teams: Six AUL teams: Adelaide Dragons (Orange); Brisbane Breakers (Blue); Canberra Freeze (Green); Melbourne Flames (Red); Perth Power (Yellow), and Sydney Suns (Purple).

Ratios: 3:3 on-field, 6:6 gameday roster; 7:7 full team roster.

Rules: WFDF. Games to 13 goals with no hard cap.

Field size: Regulation field (70 yards by 40 yards, with end zones 20 yards deep).

Refs?: No.

Roster: Each AUL team will have 14 players. Teams currently have a leadership group of two coaches, and two marquee players, who will select an additional 8 players (four women and four men) from their city to form the core of the team. A draft will be conducted to allow the elite players from outside the major cities a chance to play in the league.

Season: Three days. All 6 AUL teams will compete in a full round robin of matches in Melbourne over August 18-19th and the two top teams will compete for the AUL Cup in Sydney on October 13th.


To see the best of the best ultimate players in our country go head to head.
To create a professional product that can be used to market our sport in Australia.
To promote gender equality in sport by having the most elite level of the sport in our country be available and accessible to all.

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