Thursday, March 22, 2018

Review of American Ultimate Disc League 2017 Jerseys

Not every American Ultimate Disc League team updated their jerseys in the 2017 season. The AUDL teams that did are reviewed with their 2016 jersey as a comparison. A more thorough AUDL jersey review was conducted for all teams for the 2016 season.

Toronto Rush

Light: Major improvement from 2016 to 2017. The Rush logo pops and the black patch across the shoulder favorably frames this jersey.

Dark: The red Rush logo on a red shirt (2016)? So bad. The red Rush logo on a black jersey? So good! Lines on the breastplace and shoulder blades lend a nice textured flow to the 2017 jersey.

Detroit Mechanix

Light: Detroit improved in 2017; especially like the circled number on the back similar to the  numbering style on a race car.

Dark: Not much change from 2016 except the better branding of Detroit instead of 2016's "motor city."

Ottawa Outlaws

Light: Hey! Ottawa Outlaws got itself a new alternative "OO" logo! And with it, a major improvement from 2016 to 2017.

Dark: The horse head is more reasonably sized on the 2017 jersey which looks better, of course, of course. And, Ottawa successfully pulls off putting their green OUTLAWS team name on a green jersey.

Philadelphia Phoenix

Light/Dark: Philadelphia improves in 2017 with a more crisp look. The Phoenix flames add a subtle texture to the shirt. Though, the 2017 design shows up much better on the white jersey (above) than the red (below).

Atlanta Hustle

Light: The 2017 top is identical to 2016's except "ATL" was replaced with the Hustle's H logo which represents nicely on the left chest.

Dark: Gone is the so-very-purple tops. Atlanta smartly decreased the use of purple in 2017 for a predominantly black jersey.

Minnesota Wind Chill

Light: In 2017, Minnesota reigned in their abstract design concepts in favor of the outdoor elements - icicles on the shoulders and evergreens on bottom - which give prominence to their clean M logo.

Dark: The Wind Chill carry over the basic design from 2016, but with better clarity; less competing shapes and lines in 2017.

Vancouver Riptide

Light/Dark: Vancouver ripped up their 2016 jerseys for a more basic jersey in 2017. The riptide-y "R" was a new identity for the team. The most interesting element for this jersey was the Hyperloop | One sponsorship.
New York Empire

Dark: The 2016 New York Empire's simple and minimal dark jersey did not need a change, yet unfortunately in 2017 an ambiguous pattern (bleh!) was added and an unknown sponsor replaced the team name.

Dallas Roughnecks

Dark: Dallas needed to update its busy jersey from 2016. The Roughnecks simplified in 2017 for the better and satisfactorily addorn the back with an oil derrick.

San Diego Growlers

Light: Seriously, someone forgot to design San Diego's jersey for the 2017 season.

Dark: San Diego's dark jerseys in 2017 had a diamond (or is it a fence?) pattern that does not add much to the black top. The Growlers name is better sized across the chest than in 2016.


AUDL team custom jerseys are available for $50 each via the AUDL Online Shop.

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