Friday, April 14, 2017

On This Date: Inaugural Weekend of American Ultimate Disc League Began

On this day (April 14) in 2012, the first American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) games were played. The AUDL's regular season of 16 games per team scheduled four games featuring all 8 teams in the league.

In the very first AUDL game, which was played in East Providence, Rhode Island, the Connecticut Constitution won by the score of 29-23 (14-8 HT) over the Rhode Island Rampage. Neither team would continue into the next AUDL season.

Inaugural AUDL game highlights:

See how the teams tweeted their score results.

The three other games played on AUDL's opening day:
Columbus Cranes 22-21 win over Indianapolis AlleyCats
Bluegrass Revolution 19-17 win over Detroit Mechanix
Philadelphia Spinners 26-14 win over Buffalo Hunters

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