Friday, April 28, 2017

Matt Bode (Raleigh Flyers) Mistakenly Celebrates Non-Goal, Creates Turnover

Early in the first quarter of Saturday's D.C. Breeze at Raleigh Flyers game, Matt Bode (#79) caught the disc near - but not in - the end zone, and erroneously spiked the disc thinking he had scored a goal. Instead of a goal, this turnover would count as one of Bode's 3 total turns on 37 game catches.

Broadcaster Evan Lepler called Bode's oopsy a "killer mental mistake" and a "bonehead maneuver."

Bode would score 7 goals and the Flyers would rally to a 23-21 overtime win.

[h/t @OneMorePitcher]

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