Monday, August 13, 2018

Madison Radicals AUDL 2018 Champions

Madison Radicals finally won an AUDL Championship. The Radicals are tops in the American Ultimate Disc League after winning their 1st AUDL title.

Madison has been a consistent winner in the Midwest Division and the Radicals have always advanced to the AUDL Championship Weekend in every season. After 3 losses in the semifinals and 2 losses in the finals in past Championship Weekends, Madison won the 2018 AUDL Championship over Dallas Roughnecks by the score of 20-16 [10-8 halftime]. The Radicals held the Roughnecks to their lowest goal total in the AUDL 2018 season.

In an ISTHMUS article preceding the weekend, Radicals head coach Tim DeByl was quoted: "I feel as confident coming into a Championship Weekend as I ever have." The Radicals team collectively won a total of $20,000 in addition to the AUDL trophy. AUDL Championship Weekend VII was hosted in Madison, Wisconsin at Breese Stevens field.

Madison is the sixth different AUDL team to win the championship over 7 seasons. Radicals are the first Midwest Division team to win the AUDL trophy. Madison now posts a record of (10-5) in the AUDL postseason over six seasons.

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