Wednesday, August 29, 2018

WJUC 2018 USA Player Leaderboard

WFDF's 2018 World Junior Ultimate Championships finished last weekend with USA Ultimate Under-20 National Teams winning gold in both divisions. The men's and women's teams were rostered with players from all over the country. Using the provided WJUC data, here is a compilation of the offensive leaders for both the USA Ultimate teams.

  • One player averaged at least 1 assist + 1 goal at WJUC: Claire Trop [1.55 assists/game; 1 goal/game] in 11 games.
  • Every player on the USA's U-20 men's roster threw at least 1 assist + scored at least 1 goal. 

TOP PERFORMING PLAYERS [Averaging Assists + Goals = 1.0 minimum]
USA Ultimate Stats: Assists +_and Goals @ WJUC 2018

TOP GOAL SCORERS [8 or more goals]
21 = Stacy Gaskill (W)
16 = Ben Preiss (M)
15 = Ella Juengst (W), Elliott Moore (M), Connor Ryan (M)
13 = Dawn Culton (W), Sam Hammar (M)
12 = Robin Anthony-Petersen (W)
11 = Claire Trop (W)
10 = Hazel Ostrowski (W)
9 = Clil Phillips (W), Bailey Shigley (W), Tess Johnson (W)
8 = Carly Campana (W), Trevor Lynch (M), Caleb Seamon (M), Jake Taylor (M), Jake Thorne (M), Tony Venneri (M)

TOP ASSIST LEADERS [7 or more assists]
26 = Jonny Malks (M)
21 = Stephanie Phillips (W)
17 = Claire Trop (W)
15 = Ryan Dinger (M)
14 = Kate Lanier (W)
13 = Rachel Hess (W)
10 = Carly Campana (W)
9 = Alyssa Ehrhardt (W), Skye Fernandez (W),
Kodi Smart (M), Leo Sovell-Fernandez (M), Jake Taylor (M)
8 = Stacy Gaskill (W), Elliott Moore (M), Peixian Rong (W), Ted Schewe (M), Tony Venneri (M), Dylan Villeneuve (M)
7 = Lauren Carothers-Liske (W), Abby Hecko (W), Joey Kennedy (M), John McDonnell (M)


[M, W data via WJUC; compilation by SLUDGE]

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