Monday, August 27, 2018

WJUC 2018 Results

WFDF's World Junior (Under-20) Ultimate Championships finished on Saturday, August 25. Thirty-one (31) teams from 18 different countries played in the men's (boys) and women's (girls) WJUC divisions. USA National Teams combined for a (22-0) record at the international ultimate event and two gold medals. There have been 3 sweeps in the history of WJUC; twice by USA (2006, 2018) and once by Canada in 2002.

Men's WJUC 2018
USA National Team won 15-10 over Team Canada. USA's win is their 8th WJUC gold -- the most by any country in this WJUC division. Also, this is USA's 7th gold medal in the past 8 WJUC events.  Bronze was won by France - their first-ever WJUC medal.

Women's WJUC 2018
USA National Team won 15-8 over Colombia. USA's win is their 4th WJUC gold, which is the most by any country in the WJUC women's/girls division. Canada won bronze. WJUC 2018 marked the 5th consecutive WJUC where Canada, Colombia, and USA have been the top-3 teams in the women's division.

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