Friday, August 03, 2018

WMUCC 2018 Semi-Finalists

Day 5 is done and 4 club ultimate teams in each division have advanced. USA is represented the most with 13 club ultimate teams; Canada (GM, MW) has 2 teams and Japan (W) has 1 club ultimate team in the semis at the WFDF World Masters Ultimate Club Championships.

Canada, Japan, and USA combined for 52 (72%) of the 72 teams competing at WMUCC.

Masters Men Division
New York All Bashed Out (USA) vs Denver Johnny Encore (USA)
Raleigh-Durham Boneyard (USA) vs Baltimore Rest Stop (USA)

Masters Mixed Division
Boston Molasses Disaster (USA) vs San Francisco Bridge Club (USA)
Austin 512 (USA) vs Southern California Members Only (USA)

Masters Women Division
Calgary Dyna (Canada) vs Seattle iRot (USA)
Mu-Syozoku (Japan) vs North Carolina  Ripe (USA)

Grandmasters Men Division
Minneapolis Surly (USA) vs Toronto Tombstone (Canada)
Denver/Boulder Johnny Walker (USA) vs Oakland Shadows (USA)

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