Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Choropleth Map: Club Ultimate Teams Playing at 2018 Nationals

USA Ultimate's 2018 National Club Ultimate Championships in San Diego starts on Thursday. A total of 19 states/provinces and the District of Columbia from the eight geographical regions are represented at this year's USAU National Championships, with California - again - sending the most teams (7) of any state.

All locations with 3 or more qualifying club teams are represented in all 3 divisions; California (M: Revolver W: Fury, Nightlock, Wildfire X: Blackbird, Mischief, Polar Bears), Colorado (M: Johnny Bravo W: Molly Brown X: shame.), Massachusetts (M: Dig W: Brute Squad X: Slow White, Snake Country), Minnesota (M: Sub Zero W: Pop X: Drag'n Thrust, No Touching!), North Carolina M: Ring of Fire W: Phoenix X: Toro), Washington (M: Seattle Sockeye W: Seattle Riot X: BFG, Mixtape) and Washington, DC (M: Truck Stop W: Scandal X: Space Heater).

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