Monday, October 23, 2017

2017 USA Ultimate Club Champions

USA Ultimate's 2017 Triple Crown Tour concluded in Sarasota, Florida, on Sunday. Club gold shifts the west coast in 2017.

San Francisco Revolver [#1 seed] won their 5th club championship in 8 years with a finals win 15-7 (8-2 HT) over Austin Doublewide [12th seed]. This was Revolver's 3rd win over Doublewide in the 2017 season.

Seattle Mixtape [#1 seed] won their first club championship with a 13-12 (7-8 HT) victory over Philadelphia AMP [#2 seed]. Mixtape's win also earns them the Triple Crown. This win pushed Mixtape's record to (3-1) over AMP during the 2017 TCT season.

San Francisco Fury [#4 seed] won their tenth club championship with a 14-13 (5-8 HT) win over Boston Brute Squad [#2 seed]. This was Fury's first win over Brute during the 2017 season.


The following U.S. club teams qualified for World Ultimate Club Championships in 2018:

Men's Division
1. San Francisco Revolver
2. Austin Doublewide
3. Raleigh Ring of Fire

Mixed Division
1. Seattle Mixtape
2. Philadelphia AMP
3. Seattle BFG

Women's Division
1. San Francisco Fury
2. Boston Brute Squad
(tied) 3. Atlanta Ozone and Denver Molly Brown

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