Friday, October 20, 2017

What U.S. Club Ultimate Teams Are Playing For in Sarasota

Not only are club teams playing for a 2017 national title in Sarasota.
Not only are club teams playing for prize money in 2017.
Club ultimate teams are also competing for a bid to WFDF's 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships. The USA has been awarded 10 total bids - the most of any country in the world; 3 in the men's division, 3 in the mixed division and 4 in the women's division.

First place in all divisions win the championship, $2000 in prize money and a bid to WFDF WUCC in 2018. Runner-up in all divisions gets $1000 in prize money plus a bid to 2018 WUCC. Third place in all divisions earns a WUCC 2018 bid. Fourth place in only the women's division earns a bid to WUCC 2018.

NOTES: If Seattle Mixtape finishes in first place, then the Mixed Division team from Seattle earns an extra $2000 bonus.
Three (3) Canadian teams are competing in the USA Ultimate National Championships; if any of the teams reach semis in their division, then that would muddy up the chart.

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