Friday, October 27, 2017

Comparison: Seed vs Finish of Club Teams at 2017 USA Ultimate National Championships

The 4-day 2017 USA Ultimate National Championships were completed in Sarasota, Florida, over October 19-22. The top sixteen (16) teams from each division - men, mixed, women - were in competition.

Here's how each team in the 3 divisions finished compared to their pre-tournament seed. Biggest movers - up and down - also noted.

A lot of movement with only two (2) teams unchanged and all teams were within +/-4.
UP(+): Columbus Rival (+4); San Francisco Fury, Atlanta Ozone, Portland Schwa (+3)
DOWN (-): Seattle Riot, Texas Showdown, (-4)

Top seeds 1, 2, 4 played out accordingly.
UP(+): Dallas/Fort Worth Public Enemy (+7); Connecticut Metro North, Minneapolis No Touching! (+6)
DOWN (-): San Francisco Mischief, Cincinnati Steamboat (-5)

Top 1, 3, and 4 seeds played out accordingly.
UP(+): Austin Doublewide (+10); New York PoNy (+7)
DOWN (-): Seattle Sockeye (-10); Denver Johnny Bravo (-5), OH/Mi High Five (-5)

NOTE: Games not played (3/4 in W and 9/10 in M, X, W) were given the lower finish (e.g. teams in 9/10 games given 10th since no team "won" the higher finish).

[Data via USAU; compilation and charts by SLUDGE]

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