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What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Explaining the sport of ultimate continues...

Ultimate Frisbee, or simply Ultimate, involves passing a frisbee down the field until there is a catch in the opposing team’s end zone. Its rules are somewhat similar to those of soccer and football.
via Watertown Daily Times (April 16, 2017)


To give a little background to Ultimate Frisbee, it's a 7-on-7 sport, meaning there are seven players for each team on the field at once. Ultimate Frisbee is a noncontact sport, and "It's self-officiated, which makes it unique in regards to other sports."

...Ultimate Frisbee is a combination of many sports. "There's elements of football, soccer, basketball, and really any sport like those."

The game is played with a disc, and teams can toss that disc to one of their members, but there is no yardage to gain like football. Once someone has received the disc, they can't move, or else they are called for traveling, so like basketball it is important that you establish a pivot foot.

Players get 10 seconds to throw the disc to one of their teammates; if they don't, then it's a turnover. Like football, there is an end zone teams have to try and score in, and each score counts as one point. Most games are played to 15, and teams have to win by two points.
via Flyer News (December 2, 2015)


With seven players from each team on the field at a time the object is to get the frisbee over the line at the opposite end of the field by throwing it to one of your team members. There is no offside rule and disputes, which seem to be fairly rare,  are sorted on field between the teams and usually the disc is thrown again. The defending team aims to intercept the flying disc and may get up close to the thrower in order to put them off target. It is a very fast moving game and players often dive or leap up high to intercept the disc.
via Goulburn Post (September 10, 2017)


"Ultimate frisbee has developed into a culture, allowing all sorts of backgrounds and levels to come together for an extremely fun game." Players also use the sport as a way to de-stress from school.

via Trintionan (October 2, 2017)

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