Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Frisbee by the Numbers

frisbee liquidHow well do you really know about your favorite piece of sports equipment -- a regulation-sized frisbee?

Weight = 175 grams.

Diameter = 10.75" inches.

Amount of liquid retention =
54 ounces^. [6.75 cups]

==> Received guesses shown in Comments.

^exact amount may vary based on disc condition (shape).


kaitlin said...

16. i do believe i've seen contests of drinking a pint from a frisbee.

-BP plc said...

Underestimating @ 16.5 oz

Wrecker said...

3 English Pints fit in a Discraft UltraStar - that's why we have the "3 Pint Challenge"

Matthew said...

54 ounces.

gus said...


The Reilly Family said...

I'm pretty sure we fit a whole pitcher of beer in a frisbee back in college. How many ounces in a pitcher?

Flo said...

1,735 Liter