Thursday, August 05, 2010

Are You Fitter than an NFL Player?

heyX3Washington Redskins and frisbee football is not a new concept. Knowing the fall season is just ahead, how would an Ultimate Frisbee player stack up against the NFL Lineman Fitness Test that Albert Haynesworthless has yet to pass?

The conditioning test consists of 300 yards of sprints -- called a "shuttle" -- back and forth 25 yards* at a time. It has to be run twice, with only a 3.5-minute break in between. The short break demonstrates that the player can recover quickly. Linemen have to run the first shuttle in 70 seconds, the second one in 73 seconds.
*Twenty five yards = length of an officially-sized end zone X 12; & then again 210 seconds later. The math alone is tiring, so is all that running too much for the average ulti player?

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