Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Meaning of Life

counterculture ultimatePardon me, were you aware you are part of a revolution?

Countercultural Sports in America: The History and Meaning of Ultimate Frisbee [144 pages; 2010]

Info: Ultimate Frisbee isn't yet an American sport but still manages to say as much about America as any sport does, even baseball. Ultimate speaks to the most radical and countercultural decade in American history; the 60s. Like the 60s, Ultimate rebels against the system, refuses to reform, and totally ignores social convention. Ultimate began in the midst of the counterculture revolution and it remains the same today. Men and women play together, players officiate for themselves, and uniforms are generally optional. At every opportunity given Ultimate contradicts the American notion of what a sport should be. However as the 60s have come and gone, one day Ultimate as we know it will to. America is a modernist, capitalist, and most of all conformist country and Ultimate is none of those things. Ultimate has grown considerably in its short lifespan, but soon enough it will be faced with the overwhelming forces of Americanization. As Ultimate continues to gain popularity it will inevitably forgo its identity in the process. Ultimate is at a crossroads; to keep what makes it special or to act the same as everything else, to remain faithful to itself or to sell out to America.

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