Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Perfect Game

Overrated: The 8 Underrated Icons That Should Knock Out The Most Overrated Things Ever [HuffPo 8.2.10]

Baseball has been removed from the Olympics, simply because its popularity isn’t global enough. Fair enough. So what’s an all-American team sport that deserves a place in the Games, one whose world series really brings many nations together?...

How about Ultimate Disc, a fast-growing sport that has 4.9 million serious players in the U.S., and attracts international teams to the world championship (held most recently in Prague)? This is a real sport, with a complex set of rules – not simply a bunch of hippies throwing a Frisbee around the beach (though that’s how it originated). Like the Frisbee itself, the game originated in California, suggesting that it’s even more American than baseball (which was based on the British game of “base ball”, heaven forbid). It’s highly skilled, and requires real fitness. I’ve played baseball and I’ve played Ultimate, and I know which one I like best! It’s time this was taken seriously.

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