Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WhaT iF: Ayahuasca

wifExploring the next (possible) bustle for Sludge.

Name: Ayahuasca-ing

Basics: Intaking a sludgelike concoction the Indians call "the sacred vine of the soul." The hallucinogenic potion is ayahuasca found in the Peruvian jungle. Ayahuasca may taste like ground-up earth, but many leave here praising the brew in reverential terms for having purged them of demons and shown them a clarity about life that they never thought possible. The payoff can be profound, say those who have repeatedly used ayahuasca. Some say the potion provides an almost divine, transformative experience. Others describe new insights into their lives. The long, exhausting ceremonies where ayahuasca is consumed often end in intense joy.

Co-Ed [Y/N]? Yes.

Family-friendly [Y/N]? No.

Outdoors [Y/N]? Maybe.

Local [Y/N]? No. (Peru)

Cost [$-$$$$]: $$$

Time Commitment: Much; travel to S. America + a long, exhausting ceremony.

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